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Burn Barcelona!
Original title: Cremeu Barcelona!
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Burn Barcelona!

Original title: Cremeu Barcelona!

At a dusty bus station in Mexico City, Miquel awaits the arrival of his wife Teresa, whom he hasn’t seen in ten years and his daughter, whom he’s never met. While he waits, he bitterly recalls the events that led him to where is he now. His memories take him back to January 1939, days before the rebel army entered Barcelona. The Republic was on its last legs, the war was lost, and the city was a shadow of its former self: those who could were fleeing to the border and those who couldn’t were resigning themselves to the fate of the vanquished. Then comes an order from the Comintern to raze the city, destroy the roads, railways and main energy, water and transportation hubs, leaving nothing for the enemy. Miquel Serra, a member of the PSUC and a Minister in the Catalan Government, is charged with carrying out this scorched earth policy. But, in alliance with Corbacho, a veteran sergeant in the Republican Army who is from Madrid, Miquel risks his life by boycotting the plans and saving the city.

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A depleted city. An unexpected hero. A great love. A thrilling novel based on a true story. 

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Publishing date: | 608 pages | ISBN: 978-84-664-1955-0 | Imprint: Columna Edicions