The checklist method
Original title: El mètode checklist
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The checklist method

Original title: El mètode checklist

El mètode checklist will revolutionize the lives of everyone who uses it. 142 lists that offer you effective solutions to everyday household problems and good tips to get to know yourself better and find the keys to success.
Are you ready to be surprised by a revolutionary method?Think how many of your daily decisions would be easier if youhad a list of everything you need to remember
• Do you want to know everything you need when planning a trip, throwing a party or going shopping?
• Do you want to not have to think again and again about how to do the same things, so you can avoid making mistakes?
When you start reading this book, you will find that the checklist method is not only infallible, but essential. Take it wherever you go and don’t forget to personalize it to makeit even more effective. Once you’ve seen how well it works, you’ll spread the word. You’ll want everyone to know about it.

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Publishing date: | 304 pages | ISBN: 978-84-9930-358-1 | Imprint: labutxaca