In The Other's Skin
Original title: En la pell de l'altre
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In The Other's Skin

Original title: En la pell de l'altre

In The Other’s Skin follows the life of two young girls from the early years of 1971 to the present day. On one hand we have Ramona Marquès, who was left pregnant by a revolutionary who
disappeared from her life. And, on the other, Mireia Ferrer, the daughter of Tomàs Ferrer, an activist who fought to maintain the memory of the deportees by founding the association
“Memory and Freedom”. Mireia marries Manuel, a policeman who has infiltrated the group and from whom she’ll eventually have to hide to escape domestic violence.
But Ramona refuses to conform to the fate of a single mother without family in those years, and she decides to falsify her mother’s history and create a file in the association’s archive that identifi es her as a deportee.
Thus she creates her entire life and part of her history, based solely on a lie.

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Transit (Germany), Signatuur (Holland), Rimonim (Israel), Marcos & Marcos (Italy), Antolog
(Macedonia), Arhipelag (Serbia), Marginesy (Poland), Meronia (Rumania).

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-664-1895-9 | Imprint: Columna Edicions