Save, it's free
Original title: Estalvia, és gratis
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Save, it's free

Original title: Estalvia, és gratis

Saving doesn’t mean giving up quality of life, in fact quite the opposite: saving money and energy improves our personal wellbeing. Easy, practical and divided by subjects and areas of the house, this book teaches us that the key to real economic and energetic savings is in small, everyday actions.
Why should we save?
If we learn to live in a more austere way, aside from not having to suffer so much to make ends meet, we will feel more free and less linked to our possessions and (alleged) “needs”. It is important to be frugal, consistent, make the most of things and spend the least. If we do it well, we will see that this does not necessarily mean compromising on comfort and the quality of life to which we are used to.

Highlights Save, it's free


It is clear that we need to learn to eat differently and consume less, and learn what, when and how to save.


An essential book for all of us who want to save without altering our lifestyle.

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Publishing date: | 180 pages | ISBN: 978-84-664-1643-6 | Imprint: Columna Edicions