The Collaborator
Original title: La col·laboradora
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The Collaborator

Original title: La col·laboradora

La col·laboradora is the story of a woman who works as a ghost writer for a publishing house in Barcelona. Around the commissioning of a book about the Civil War and with her particular critical view, Empar Moliner draws a twisted plot with characters that illustrate the contemporary publishing world. La col·laboradora is a book with multiple entries and multiple narrative threads, narrated with skill, feeling, irony, and of course, plenty of humour.

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Feeling, satire, irony and comedy mix in a work in which the author demonstrates her mastery of writing. Empar Moliner is back.

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Publishing date: | 320 pages | ISBN: 978-84-664-1520-0 | Imprint: Columna Edicions

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