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La senyoreta Keaton i altres bèsties / Miss Keaton and Other Beasts
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La senyoreta Keaton i altres bèsties / Miss Keaton and Other Beasts


This book of unusual children is made up of five interconnected tales. Each story explains the life (and death) of a peculiar, different child: Miss Clock is some sort of a reverse Benjamin Button, her whole life lived in a year: she’s born, grows up, falls in love, lives through four seasons and dies. Caterina, born in strange circumstances, is a girl who turns into a whale. Roc Mortson is a boy with a pig’s trotter, whose father abandons him. The son of the undertaker is a mystery to everyone: it seems he’s emerged from underground. And Mrs. Petarol has found a boy made of ice in her kitchen. How did he end up there? What is going all with all these kids? What are their stories? Their fates? Their lives? Their tragic or happy or mysterious endings? 

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Five stories that will make your blood run cold, from a new voice on the literary scene that will leave no one indifferent. 

Dark tales, part Tim Burton and part Brothers Grimm, that create an atmosphere that’s both bucolic and disturbing at the same time. 

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Publishing date: 2015/01/28 | 176 pages | ISBN: 978-84-9787-984-2