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Quan érem els peripatètics / When We Were The Peripatetics
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Quan érem els peripatètics / When We Were The Peripatetics


The Spin-Off of the TV series Merlin, one of the best YA TV series of the season.

Bruno’s Bergeron adolescence wasn't easy, and it became even more complicated when he saw his father enter the class, holding a teacher's portfolio and shouting:

"My name is Merlin and I want Philosophy to turn you on!"

Over the years, Bruno remembers the college years he enjoyed with his classmates, "The Peripatetics", to make his sister Mina feel close to the figure of the father she never knew.

First love, wild parties, sex, studies, fear of the future, family relationships, friendships ... are some of the topics of the unforgettable adventures of When We Were The Peripatetic.

The moment has come for you to know who our father was. For us he was more than a teacher. Something magical happened to us when we were The Peripatetic. I'll tell you in a naive way: "We were like swords nailed to a stone wall. And Merlin took us from the stone and opened our eyes”.

Are you ready to understand why Merlí was the best teacher in the world?

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Highlights When We Were The Peripatetics


Merlí has been the biggest sensation of Spanish television in recent years, with an average 17% share and 500,000 viewers. Now available on Netflix.


The combination of philosophy and the day-to-day day through a group of teenagers, their families, and their teachers has been a major success. A transversal series that goes beyond teenagers.


The novel respects the essence of the series, including the most successful plots, adding new ones, and respecting the spirit of Merlí.

A stunning success combining philosophy and the day-to-day through a group of teenagers, their families, and their teachers. A transversal story.

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Faro Editorial (Brazil)

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Publishing date: | 352 pages | ISBN: 978-84-664-2365-6