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On the impure earth
Original title: Sobre la terra impura
Category: Fiction | General Fiction
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On the impure earth

Original title: Sobre la terra impura
Category: Fiction | General Fiction

This bold novel tells the story of the Verdera, a powerful family in Majorca, former fascists who made their fortune in the shoe business.

Set in the present, it centers on a Majorcan writer who lives in Barcelona and was a childhood friend of the family’s youngest son, Leo. One day he is hired to write the biography of Leo’s mother, who has just died –a controversial theater actress who left behind a series of diaries about her life-.

Little by little, the writer will discover that these books reveal a very dark secret that could bring down the Verdera empire, though they are ready to prevent that at any cost.


Highlights On the impure earth


On the Impure Earth is 2018’s most awarded Catalan novel and has been described as the best Catalan novel of the year.


This is a novel about family, friendship and secrets. Through the voice of an unreliable narrator, this is a story with a frenetic and playful rhythm that has the clever ability to combine descriptive scenes with vibrant, witty dialogues scattered with cinematic touches.


Dickens’s energy, Franzen’s humour, Balzac’s obsessive characters, Roth’s uncanny ability to build father-son relationships, and the readers will even find reminiscences of Ignatius Reilly.



-Crítica Serra d’Or Award

-Crexells Award (Catalan equivalent of the Goncourt, with over 90 years of history)

-Núvol Award

-Finalist of Òmnium Award.

A literary thriller with a death-defying rhythm

"One of the most ambitious and spectacular novels born in contemporary Catalan fiction" -Última Hora, Pere Antoni Pons

"On the Impure Earth is for Melcior Comes an step forward that allows him to leave the 'young author' category and start being treated as a mature novelist." -El Periórico, Vicenç Pagès Jordà

Technical data

Publishing date: | 528 pages | ISBN: 978-84-7588-721-0 | Imprint: Editorial Proa

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