Original title: Consciència


Original title: Consciència

A novel set in a convincing future world which is too close to our present moment and is as disturbing as any episode of Black Mirror.

I n a world where humanity has had to reorganize to survive after an ecological catastrophe, it is now possible to buy immortality: all you have to do is upload the consciousness of a dead person to a computer system. Laura Verns, terminally ill, decides to purchase one of these “extended lives” before dying. Twenty years later, after her body has died, Laura’s virtual life is threatened, and she will have to look deep into her memories to see what it is that’s threatening her.

Blade Runner, I, Robot, 2001... Science fiction has often looked at the question of what would happen if machines became human. But what would happen if the mind of a human was transplanted into a machine?

Highlights Consciousness


A novel as disturbing as any episode of Black Mirror.


Teresa Colom has created an extraordinarily convincing future world. 

A ground-breaking novel. A book that you can recommend with a mouth full of praise. 

La Vanguardia

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La Huerta Grande (Spain), Aguaplano (Italy).

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Shanghai 99 (simplified Chinese), Jacqueline Chambon (France).

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Publishing date: | 208 pages | ISBN: 978-84-17879-22-8 | Imprint: Editorial Empúries

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