The Sting
Original title: El fibló

The Sting

Original title: El fibló

Every family has secrets. Every home does, too…

Laura, Ignasi and Judit are siblings. Their father, Sebastián, is a renowned playwright who has always put his career before his family, even when his children needed him most, after the tragic and unexpected death of their mother, Helen. When Sebastián dies, the three siblings reunite to decide what to do with the family home. After their father’s death, events in their life lead all three of them to move in. Ignasi takes charge of the renovation, hoping to sell the house for a better price, while Laura decides to put the family’s library in order. She discovers a series of books dedicated to her mother by an unknown person.

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A fast-moving, emotional novel about the dreams we want to fulfill and the decisions life forces us to take.

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Planeta Manuscrito (Portugal)

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Publishing date: | 304 pages | ISBN: 978-84-664-2467-7 | Imprint: Columna Edicions

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