The Law of the Winter
Original title: La llei de l'hivern

The Law of the Winter

Original title: La llei de l'hivern

A young woman watches over her grandfather. While she is immersed in the most absolute solitude, she feels she has two great companions: that of memory and that of imagination. As the cherry trees are stripped bare, the law of winter imposes itself, reminding us that in order to be reborn we must let go.

With an intimate and magical atmosphere, this novel makes the invisible visible: the people who are not physically present, but who continue to guide us, whispering in our ears; the love that we make exist when we need it to, and the ways we have of making up for absences.

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Winner of the 2023 Josep Pla Prize.


Eligible for translation grant.

A book starring a girl, who, next to the bed of her dying grandfather, Ricard, reflects on the fact of living and dying, in a house located in a small town inhabited by curious and sometimes magical characters, subjected to the rigorous winter and a repetitive life cycle.

“A vindication of creativity, introspection and surprise before events that escape our control.”
El País

"The Law of the Winter is to learn to let go. Accepting that each person has their time: that what comes sooner or later will go, and it is beautiful, because it will mean that it has existed. This is what the cherry trees teach us now, in January: from the stripped branches, in a while, there will be some leaves that we don’t yet know what they will look like, but they will be there. It is to see that winters have always existed and will exist, but there will never be another like this one.”

“A work endowed with an extraordinary lyricism.”
La Vanguardia

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Publishing date: | 176 pages | ISBN: 978-84-9710-351-0 | Imprint: Ediciones Destino