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Words you'll understand
Original title: Paraules que tu entendràs
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Words you'll understand

Original title: Paraules que tu entendràs

There was no rush that afternoon. Nobody was coming after them, and the hours refused to pass. They went back to the city without turning on the music in the car, the fog lifted, and they found peace again, knowing that there were no more urgent questions to ask.

Mara Lincoln, tireless adventurer, organizes exclusive travel for her clients. Xavi Vera, successful architect, receives the order to design the home of his dreams. The couple toasts to the New Year in a hotel in the Swiss Alps, with the same four friends as always.

Everyone laughs, plays, and is happy, but things are never what they seem. The year to come could change everything.

Words You’ll Understand is a bold portrait of life in common. A novel that explores couples’ relationships, the secrets each person has, the way we manipulate the truth. With a combination of tenderness and irony, nostalgia and the constant quest for beauty, the characters dwell among the secret niches of the soul, moving us deeply in the process.

After the success of Someone Like You and The Two of Us, Xavier Bosch has now established himself as a craftsman of intimate realities.

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Every great love has a secret.

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Publishing date: | 496 pages | ISBN: 978-84-664-2537-7 | Imprint: Columna Edicions

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