When we were happy
Original title: Quan érem feliços

When we were happy

Original title: Quan érem feliços

"In the daytime it was always open, because Baba had not gone out for many years. At night, the key was the test. When we arrived late we had to go to her to say good night, whatever the hour, because she never slept until the last one returned. With twelve of us there was always one that came home when it was getting light. She didn’t do anything. Baba was awake with the light on and the door open: Good night – she would start to say to us when we showed ourselves.
You can put the key in now, there is no-one left outside».
Based on the adventures of a large family of twelve siblings in Catalunya after the war, Quan érem feliços is a vivid account of emotions, humour, and tension through which the author evokes in first person the landscapes of his childhood.

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A journey that is at times intimate and at times panoramic, almost cinematographic, full of powerful images of the streets of Girona’s old town.

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Marginesy (Poland)

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Publishing date: | 424 pages | ISBN: 978-84-9710-212-4 | Imprint: Ediciones Destino