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Always remember this
Original title: Recorda sempre això
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Always remember this

Original title: Recorda sempre això

We see a Civil Guard station in Raval in Barcelona, the courtyard where the members of the force pass their time like a family, the eventual appearance of a circus that entertains the little ones, the work on the fraying edges of the outskirts of the city…

These are the settings for a sentimental education that puts a focus on everyday courage, on the difficulties of getting by, on sudden explosions of violence and the need to accept the past to take charge of our own lives.

The voice and memory of the narrator unify the stories of Always Remember This, the latest Marian Vayreda Prizewinner.

With little gestures, this perceptive narrator shows us tragedy and glory.

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Publishing date: | 224 pages | ISBN: 978-84-17016-30-2 | Imprint: Editorial Empúries